Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions For Students

Each course includes self-paced modules with sample images and downloadable worksheets.  Also, included with paid courses is the Arts Resource Vault.  This becomes a great reference for you during your portfolio building process.

Each course is available 24/7 via your computer or on your mobile phone.  You can work at your own pace and use the information that is most important to you.  The courses are designed so that each module builds upon the others, so it is best to go through them in order.  

Every year I work with students who have some good artwork, but it is not developed to the level to which they are capable.  My course will take you step-by-step through how to build and create an awesome portfolio.  Additionally, I give you all the information on how to develop a school list and a great presentation.

In my second course I will coach you through the application and essay writing process.  Stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions For Parents

If you would like to get the expertise of a skilled counselor in the privacy of your home or on the go from your student's mobile device, then my courses would be a good fit.  All the courses are self-paced and you have access for 18 months after your purchase.  The content is the same material I use with my private counseling clients and at a fraction of the cost.  The courses include detailed step-by-step coaching on how to successfully apply to arts colleges and universities.

I developed these courses to reach a wider audience who may not know where to turn for effective strategies. To learn about online courses visit

Typically high school counselors have more students than they can handle (most public schools have an average of 400 students to one counselor) making it hard to get the personal attention that an independent consultant can provide.  A good consultant will be educated on the latest developments in college admissions and a frequent visitor of colleges and admissions events. In addition, an excellent consultant's service provides a full evaluation of students' educational goals based on their transcripts and test scores.  The consultant should help students develop themselves throughout high school culminating in a college list and an application process that is smooth and successful.

When you consider that a college investment could run between $80,000-$300,000 for a four year education, the small investment in working with a consultant can yield important benefits. I educate families on the financial aid process. A good consultant will also be aware of honors programs, merit scholarships, majors and schools that may be a good fit for your student. All of these things and more help make the investment and match between the student and school a better one.  I consistently help students secure thousands of dollars in merit scholarships each year!

As the recent admissions scandal has revealed, if a consultant promises you admittance to college or promises to write your student's college essay, run fast.  A good consultant, however, knows the nuances of completing the college application, how to answer short essay questions to maximize word count, how to cull through 2,000 colleges to find unique programs that fit your student, how to make the most of college visits and which colleges value demonstrated interest.  And my expertise in visual and performing arts applications and portfolios provides the expertise your student needs to successfully apply to those specialized majors.


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